The main purpose of the Journal is to inform the scientific and technical community about fundamental and applied research in the field of energetics, to discuss on the pages of the publication the issues of discussion in the field of energetics and related fields of knowledge.
The most important tasks of the Journal are:

  • Reflection of the results of research, scientific-practical, experimental and innovative activities of domestic and foreign scientists, research associates, promotion of experience in the implementation of scientific achievements and advanced scientific technologies;
  • Approbation of the research of graduate students and applicants;
  • Formation of open scientific polemics, contributing to the quality of scientific research;
  • Ensuring effective research activities in the university, transparency and openness in reflecting the scientific issues of the university;
  • Carrying out of effective expertise and publication of reviews of scientific ideas and works, abstracts of theses and dissertations;
  • identification of scientific potential for the implementation of advanced scientific achievements in the educational process of KSPEU;
  • Publication of materials of scientific conferences, symposia.

4 issues a year.

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Publication Fee
Publication in the journal is free for authors.
The editorial board does not charge authors for the preparation, placement and printing of materials.

The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation confirms that the journal «Kazan state power engineering university bulletin» is not a specialized advertising and erotic publication and has the right to enjoy the benefits provided for in Article 164 of Part Two of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

The funds necessary for the production and publication of the journal «Kazan state power engineering university bulletin» are allocated by the Founder, in accordance with editorial expenses.

Magazine sections

2.4.5. Energy systems and complexes (Technical sciences)
2.4.2. Electrical complexes and systems (Technical Sciences)
2.3.1. System Analysis, Control, and Information Processing (Technical Sciences)
5.2.3. Regional and Sectoral Economics (Economic Sciences)