1. Journal «Kazan state power engineering university bulletin» has a thematic orientation and publishes articles, reviews, short scientific reports, news reports (hereinafter — articles) on fundamental and applied problems of power engineering, system analysis, management and information processing, regional and branch economics.
  2. All manuscripts received by the editorial board are subject to compulsory review.
  3. The journal publishes results not previously published and not intended for simultaneous publication in other journals.
  4. Submissions by authors must meet the requirements of the Rules for submission of manuscripts for the journal «Bulletin of KSPEU».
  5. Only articles recommended by the editorial board are published in the journal.
  6. Members of the editorial board for the corresponding scientific field organize the reviewing of incoming articles and are responsible for the quality of reviewing.
  7. The reviewer, appointed by the editorial board, gives a reasoned conclusion about the scientific novelty and practical value of the work and the advisability of its publication in a particular section of the journal.
  8. The duration of the review should not exceed one month from the date of receipt of the article.
  9. If in the opinion of the reviewer or a member of the editorial board who supervises the corresponding scientific direction, the article needs to be improved, it is returned to the authors.
  10. Sending an article for revision does not mean that the article is accepted for publication. The revised version of the article, together with the authors’ responses to comments, is reviewed again by the reviewer to assess the possibility of its publication.
  11. Articles that have received a positive review by a reviewer and are approved by the editorial board are accepted for publication. In the case of a positive review, the editorial board informs the authors about the admission of the article for publication with the indication of the publication dates.
  12. In the case of a negative review of a revised version of the article, the Editorial Board may send the manuscript for a second review to another reviewer.
  13. The decision to include an article into the journal or to reject it is made by the editorial board on the basis of the submission of a member of the editorial board, taking into account the review.
  14. If there is disagreement among the members of the editorial board on the publication of the article, the decision is made at a meeting of the editorial board by simple voting. If the number of votes is equal, the editor-in-chief has the casting vote.
  15. If the article is rejected, the author is sent the decision of the editorial board with the grounds for rejection and a copy of the review.
  16. Reviewing is one-sided-blind.
  17. The original reviews are kept in the journal’s editorial office for five years.
  18. A copy of the review is provided to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon request.